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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I am watching this poor cat Misha who is just under 2 years old with an autoimmune disease.  She just got 2 blood transfusions because her red cell count was very low and now her parents are on vacation worried sick.  He grandmother is there with her feeding her and sleeping with her, but i get to be the mean lady that comes in twice a day to medicate her. Poor kid, no cat likes bubblegum flavored liquid antibiotics.  :( 

I was there bright and early in the rain,  then went to cat # 2, then Whole Foods for delicious oatmeal.  At the oatmeal station was a nice older man (late 60's/early 70's) who pointed out that they had a spoon today as well as the ladle.  The spoon made it easier and it was there because he made a stink about the ladle being inefficient and causing spillage.  As he is saying this, hot oatmeal falls on my hand and I say "Hey look, you are correct." He then offers to lick it off....  Nice man became "Creepy Whole Foods Guy."  He quickly said he was joking, but then started talking about the woman who sued McDonalds for the hot coffee spilling in her "private parts."  Come on, this is before 9:30 am! I can only tolerate so much.  This teaches me not to use the spoon now because I don't know what he may have done with it. Why do the crazies always flock to me??

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