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Friday, April 13, 2012

A lovely Friday - great weather, happy animals, Friday the 13th....

I ran into a past client who I haven't seen in AGES with her newly adopted bull terrier.  Now, normally this breed is not one of my favorites, however Murray is AMAZING.  Great personality, very sweet, very handsome, playful, who could ask for anything more?  I'm so happy that they found this dog!  Their last dog that I watched lived a very long life and was as sweet as could be.  What I remember most about her is that when we finally found that spot for her to poop on our walk, she would bound away relieved and happy (ears bouncing) immediately afterwards.  This is a photo that I snagged of the new kid in the family.

I also have to say that I am turning Mike into an excellent cat restrainer!  He has had to hold a certain fluffy diabetic kid for me numerous times so that I can draw blood for a glucose point and he is excellent at it.  Perhaps he missed his calling....

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