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Friday, April 27, 2012

What an insanely busy and odd day.  The trash men didn't take all of our trash, again.  Had to call the streets department, again.  First trip missed 2 buses, walked over to give the cat medicine and she spit her pink, cherry flavored antibiotic all over me.  Afterwards I went to CVS to pick up the pill version of this medication for her, it was $51.  The vet at Penn said it shouldn't be too expensive... yeah....  I know they will reimburse me, but still.  That's alot of money for an antibiotic! 

Afterwards I went to feed mom cat and kittens (who got so big!!!) , meet a new client, and start my day of many many dogs and cats.  While walking down Bainbridge, I kicked something soft and something told me to look back.  It was a bird :( Ugh, poor thing! I knocked the wind out of it!  I picked it up and took it over to QVAH because I had 3 dogs to walk and cats to feed.  It is in a cage there recovering and hopefully being able to fly away by now.  Why do these things only happen to me?

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