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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Passover, Easter, my birthday... it has been a busy weekend trying to have a life as well as take care of the animals.  Oddly, I was busier on Saturday than I was on Easter Sunday, and I TRIED to take on as little as possible for my birthday on Monday.  Sometimes a gal just needs a break. 

For the week before Easter I was the "mom" to Bella while her family was on vacation.  She is so stinking cute but always steals my sleeping spot on the couch! We have even raced for it, and if I get there first she gets mad.  She will sneak in to the sweet spot when I leave the house and it's so cute I can't get mad.  Once she ate the skin off 2 small drums and now I fear for any instrument in their house.  Thank god she didn't touch the guitar.

In MY spot on my pillow

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