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Sunday, April 15, 2012

So I had to feed and medicate a cat yesterday that I was a little nervous about.  She has a VERY innocent face, however she doesn't like strangers.  Usually when I visit there is hissing, swatting, etc.  First issue was a miscommunication about the keys. They were left for me at a shop, but I went to the wrong shop.  They looked at me like I had 4 heads, and then after calling the owner realized it was the other shop on the other side of her apartment.  Confusing when someone lives equidistant between 2 places that have tea :)

So I go up to the apartment, get the food/water/litter situated and then comes the syringe of medication.  I find the little lady upstairs on the bed and I am talking to her calmly as I come closer and closer.  She gives me little girly cat noises, but no hissing!  I get closer with the syringe to let her sniff it.  She starts to lick it!  Yay!  So I stick it IN her mouth a little bit and she just opened her mouth as if I were giving her a treat and ate it!  Licked her lips as if to say, "Yum! Nom nom nom.." No hissing!  No anger!   I was surprised and thrilled at this moment we had!
Afterwards I was taken out on a lovely bday girly day filled with lunch, mani/pedi action, and Marshalls. (Our kind of day!) My nails look AWESOME and now when I gave a cat her pills today it just looked better sticking my finger so far back in her mouth ;)

I also spent the evening and morning with my pal Brylie.  Poor kid, I just kept waking her up!  She got some good cuddle time in this morning though :)

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