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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crazy lady laying on the ground!!!  For some reason the 700 block of 5th st always provides a show.  Yesterday I was walking over to a cats house on the phone with a potential new client and I see a woman (homeless? mentally off?) laying in almost a fetal position on the corner of 5th and Fitzwater.  I watched people stop and ask if she needed help.  She replied my yelling at them until they went away.  She must have yelled at about 6 or 7 people trying to help.

I was going to call 911 as soon as I got off the phone when I ran into a client coming out of her house already poised to call.  Apparently we were not the first to call about this woman yesterday.  We parted ways, I went in to feed the cats, came back out and she was still lying there.  I saw a Fire Dept. ambulance with sirens coming down Passyunk, but not headed to her.  They were driving slowly, seeming confused, and then they stopped at 5th and Bainbridge.  I walked up to the drivers side window and said, "Are you by any chance looking for the woman laying on the ground?"  They said that they were, to which I replied, "Yeah... she is at 5th and Fitzwater." Way to go 911 and Fire Department for sending these people to the right place.  Ugh.  They are appreciative and when they made their turn down Bainbridge I got a thumbs up and a wave from the passenger.  Definitely curious to know what happened with that...

Two summers ago was in the same spot headed to walk a dog when I passed by a kid about 17 yrs old or so who had his girlfriend by the throat up against a car and her friend was standing next to them lightly protesting.  Being the type of nosy protective person that I am, I go right up to them without thinking and start screaming at him, "What the hell are you doing??!  Get off of her!!"  He gets startled, lets go, and then starts trying to get in my face and intimidate me.  Never laid a hand on me, but he had some choice words.  Her friend thanked me for helping, I asked her why she did nothing.  Ugh.  They all took off screaming at each other down the street and I called the police.  This kid needed a kick in the ass. When I told the 911 operator what had happened, his response was a very calm (stoned?), "Aw.. he shouldn't be doin stuff like that.."  Yes Capitan Obvious, that is why I called 911!!!  I gave them a description to a T of the 3 of them and where they were headed.  The cops show up 15 min later at MY location.  Way to go!  You are supposed to be finding them!  They said this was where the call came from, and I said it was, but I gave the dispatcher the descriptions and the direction they were headed in!  Kid probably never got caught and is choking someone daily.  The system sucks.

On a lighter note, I spent the night with 2 fuzzy kids who were enjoying watching Bravo with me this morning :)

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