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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well it was hot today and it's only getting hotter.  This weekend is so busy and it's supposed to be 90 degrees and humid. Excellent! I will be like a sweaty Zombie.  I bought some gatorade tonight in preparation.  I had to walk an English Bulldog today, poor kid was so hot when we got home.  Balls on tile.... sweet relief

It's not only rough on the animals, but rough on the pet sitter when you don't put your air on.  I'm hot already, and then I come into apartments and sweat even more (which btw is like glue for cat hair)  I understand some people do not like it as cool as I do, but for the pet's sake, leave the air running please.

I met another pet sitter today walking a VERY handsome dog around the corner from me.  Really nice guy, also independent, and takes dogs into his house (great reference!)  It's tough when you meet the competition and like them.  Part of you goes=, "OOoooo you're the competition!!! But I like you! I shouldn't like you! But I do!!" Mixed emotions, but I did like him very much.

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