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Thursday, May 24, 2012

SO, this afternoon I ventured out to 25th and Locust to meet a new client.  I don't usually take clients that far away, but I decided to meet him (plus I have an associate who lives over there that can cover for me if it's too much)  So I take the bus on Walnut at rush hour.  I finally find the building that I didn't even know existed. Really nice loft apartments, nice lobby, etc.  I end up 15 min early because that's just what I do.  I wait, I call, I wait, my potential client still isn't home.  The front desk guy calls and we get to speak.  He is running late at work.  Sigh...  There is nothing I can do, I am already there.  I can't get mad because he is just so nice!  So I go to sit back down in the lobby and the front desk guy says, "Would you like to use our TV room?"  Whaaaaa??!! Um, Yeah!!  I said, "Why didn't you tell me about this room 25 min ago?"  He leads me back to this living room/library/dining area on the first floor of the building.  Big comfy couch, 2 big chairs, HUGE TV, cable, and vacant!  Needless to say, my new client found me laying on the couch watching Big Bang Theory on demand.  I don't know what it said about first impressions, but I was very happy!

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