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Sunday, May 20, 2012

SO, getting to the point.  My last visit yesterday, my 16th visit, the last thing before sweet freedom.... I ran into a problem.  It was a last minute job and was to give a pill to a cat for his heart.  It was at a high rise apt. building close by and I have been sitting there for years.  I know the one front desk guy well, the others kind of know me, but never give me a problem.  This guy that was there last night gave me a problem.  He didn't know who I was.  He couldn't find a permission slip for me in "the book." He didn't care that I had the key.  I offered to call the owner on her cell phone.  He said that did him no good.  He didn't know who she was or her voice.  So I'm waiting.... and waiting.  He says he has to call security to see what they say.  They will either give me the ok or escort me up. He calls them on the walkie talkie. Then the phone.  Then the walkie again.... I'm trying to patient and nice (he is just doing his job), however it's 8:30 on a Saturday night and my 16th visit of the day (believe me, I looked worn out).  I gave him the owners name, the apartment number, the name or the full time front desk guy who knows me,  the key, it did nothing.  I held up all of my keys!!

You think I'm faking my job with these?? Really?? So the security guy comes and looks annoyed.  The front desk guy explains "the situation" and the security guy says, "Well do you have a key?"  I hold them all up yet again and he says, "Ok, go on up." Ugh,  it seriously took that to get the ok.  So as soon as I get on the elevator, my front desk friend from ANOTHER high rise gets on with me (he lives there) and I said, "Ugh! What timing! If you had been here 5 minutes earlier you could have vouched for who I was!"  So frustrating!! But I did get a pic of a nice view upstairs.

Yesterday was just a crazy day in this city. I saw festivals, block parties, a broken down double decker tourist bus, traffic out the wazoo! I can't wait to sleep tonight.

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