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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Well, it's only 10 am and my morning has been eventful!  Not only is it disgustingly muggy out, but it may rain and make it muggier.  Hmm... Muggier is a great word.  Anyway, I'm sweating like a piggie after only 4 cat visits. 

Visit one was HOT - no air units put in yet (hopefully the landlord will come in and install them)  I had to bring a new litter scoop because I broke hers yesterday.  Next stop was a highrise with many elderly folks as residents.  As soon as I get there, an ambulance pulls up.  Sigh, one of those mornings :( Hoping the person is ok, whoever they are. Lucky I got good hugs from one of the cats who came up behind me as I was on the bed and wrapped his arms around my neck.  What a sweetie!

My next stop was a normal everyday fluid stop.  I got in the front door, and the next door well... the key went in and opened it, but the key wouldn't come out.  I sat there for nearly 5 min trying to get this key out.  It wouldn't budge!! I left it, went upstairs to do my thing, (come in to find vomit and diarrhea), go back downstairs and the key pops right out!! Arghh!!!!

Next I am walking down South St which is usually quite pleasant in the morning, as it is empty.  I walk past a (dad? grandpa?) trashy man with 2 small kids in a stroller.  He starts yelling at them, "Hey! Put your shirt back on!!" The little girl goes, "But I want to be naked!!" He replies with , "NO! You are a little girl, NOT an animal!  Cut it out! Put your shirt back on!!!" She starts crying... ugh.  It's hard to know what to feel.  Innocent kid doesn't understand the concept of clothes.  Angry parental figure.  Extreme humidity.  I understand wanting to wear as little as possible.

On the up side, the little boy kitten is going to his new home this morning! :) 

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