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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why???  So my storm door was falling off my house and I needed to get a new one.  They said they would be here btwn 9am and 12 pm Tuesday - so of course I started my day early, but I thought I would receive a call as to when they were on their way.  Seems I was just being optimistic. They showed up at 9:30, I was out feeding cats, had to rush home, and now i am trapped in my "office" because cats are locked in the bathroom and my bedroom.  Ugh, AND they needed an outlet, so I am forced to be here even though the whole job is external!  I hope they finish early so I can get started on my dog walking at lunch!  In their defense, they are super sweet teddy bear like men who I just want to hug. 

In other news, I am spending my week with Brylie.  She is a super cute Welsh Terrier who HATES the mail and/or the mail slot.  Yesterday afternoon I was napping on the couch and I am awoken by incessant barking!  I get up and see that the mail has come and she is standing at the door barking at it.  This morning there was a little kid on the street that opened up their mail slot and was talking into it, again, Brylie became fixated.  Poor kid, I had to distract her with her Michael Vick toy!

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