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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I have had 2 guinea pig houseguests for nearly a week now.  George and Eli are super cute - getting used to having the cats around them and being very inquisitive.  They are sampling new veggies and fruits here and they seem to be enjoying them (kiwi, red pepper, etc..) They were delivered last Friday by a lovely family who's 2 kids made themselves at home in my home within 5 minutes. :)

Yes, I admit it's like a petting zoo here, most children are amused for a while, however these kids were exploring the house, finding my laser pointer that I couldn't find, picking up Mikes 40 lb kettle bell, reading the contents of my bulletin board on the wall over my computer... (I don't have anything to hide, however after the fact I realized that there were some things on that board a young boy under the age of 12 shouldn't be looking at)  Great kids who LOVE their piggies, I can only have respect for that :)

There is definitely something to having small pets board at our house.  Less traveling, more quality time, etc.  I used to have rats that I watched - they ate my ex boyfriends favorite flannel shirt. But they kissed my nose!

I also watched the best bearded dragon EVER named Tio!  He was a reptile who thought he was a dog.  He loved rasberries and attention.  I miss him every time I see a beardie at a pet store.  R.I.P. Tio

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