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Friday, March 9, 2012

Today was interesting - post full moon I was expecting anything.  I was headed from 12th St over to Whole Foods for lunch via Rodman St.  You get to pass the dog park, and most importantly bypass South St.  I got halfway down and a giant 18 wheeler was trying to back up into Superfresh's loading dock to make a delivery.  It reminded me of the scene from the first Austin Powers movie, when he was trying to get the tiny car out of the tiny space with no room?  Attempting to "un-parallel park it" inch by inch?  Picture that - and one one side unable to cross was me, an elderly woman with a granny cart and portable oxygen to breathe, and an elderly man, also with a granny cart. The other side was a jogger, a guy with a very excited pitbull trying to get to the dog park, and a 3rd guy just trying to pass.  We ALL stood on with side of this truck watching in disbelief for about 10 min or so, and the elderly guy turns around to me and says, "One time I got stuck waiting here for a half hour!!"  The driver FINALLY saw how many pedestrians he was holding up and let us pass.

My last dog walk the unthinkable happened!  Simultaneous pooping!  Well... it amazed me....

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