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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gorgeous day!  Happy, smiling dogs! Delightful!  I met so many random dogs on the street today it was incredible.  EVERYONE was out, dog parks were full, craziness!

When the weather gets nice like this  I want to go out and advertise more with flyers and cards, but I have to say that this neighborhood is SO cutthroat when it comes to pet sitters and dog walkers.  My flyers always get taken down and I can only assume that it is my competition.  Am I stopping other people from advertising?? No!  What no one understands is that I am not out to steal clients or take over neighborhoods. There are enough animals in this area for all of us, but it gets extremely frustrating when you want to inform people of your services and you can't.  When you have a community bulletin board in a park or store, you should let people post on it.  Some places are great, some places like Cianfrani park are not.  If you will notice, their board is EMPTY.  Why even have one if you just take all of the postings off?

 Over the summer I got a nasty phone call from some "anonymous" bitchy lady who stated that she SAW me take down someone else's flyer in the park so that I could put mine up.  And that "they didn't like that in their neighborhood"  There were some other empty threats about calling all of my previous jobs to tell them about what I did and what kind of person I am. 

WELL.... the cowardly caller didn't leave a name or phone number so that we could discuss this like human beings.  Her neighborhood is MY neighborhood, and no matter who's hood it was, I would NEVER take down someone else's advertisement to put up my own!  That is just in poor taste.  And yes, please call my old job, the busiest vet ever who still refers me to clients, and tell them that you saw me take down a piece of paper in the city.  I'm sure they will want to take time out of your day to listen to you.  Ugh!  Yes, it still gets to me.  I typed a letter that day and put it up in the "park in question" stating my side and for this woman to please call me.  I never got a response, but that letter stayed up on that community bulletin board longer than my pet sitting flyer ever did.  Figures.

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