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Monday, March 26, 2012

So post cats this morning, I actually caught the bus on Lombard!  Well, I saw it pull up on 2nd St and I know they wait there for a little bit.  I see the driver headed into the parking garage (to pee?) and ask how long he will be there.  He tells me ten minutes, I ask if I can wait on the bus, he says ok.  I get on the bus, which is empty (no driver either), and I just sit without paying.  maybe it was wrong, but whatever.  Septa has screwed me many a time over the years, so I don't feel too bad, plus he didn't ask when he got back in.

I take the bus from 2nd to 19th (so worth it) and head to the cats over there.  Trying to get a prozac into a cat that hates you is quite a feat!  She looks so innocent....but she is not.  I startled the cleaning lady (I startle every cleaning lady) and finished up weighing the options for the immediate future.  Do I walk to South and catch the bus to my next client or do I go to Metropolitan Bakery, then walk to Chestnut, go to the GAP outlet, and take the bus on Chestnut?  In an effort to save money, I went to South St. for the bus.  I am standing at the bus stop, all by myself, and the bus is coming right away!  Yay!  I step out in the street a bit as if to say "I want to get on the bus" and he drives right by me!!!!  I throw my hands up and yell, "REALLY?!"  There were passers by who saw what happened and felt my pain.  I chased the bus down (Thank god for traffic and a red light), stand in front of the door, and he doesn't open it!  I'm yelling through the door and he is ignoring me! I knock, he finally opened it and goes "What?" I said "I was at the bus stop on the corner and you drove right by me!" In a monotone voice with no emotion he goes, "I didn't see you."   Um, I was the girl standing at the bus stop!!! You drive THE BUS!  You just weren't looking!!  Ugh, no apology, I finally get on the bus and head back to my hood to check on my lunchtime dogs.  I guess it was my Septa Karma for not paying on the way down.  I accept that.

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