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Monday, March 19, 2012

Onto solid food and walking like a normal human being (as normal as I get) and getting tasks accomplished.  I still find it odd that on such a nice day I am in a tank, shorts to the knee, and flip flops, yet I see others in sweaters and heavy coats.  I know I'm always hot, but it was quite warm today!  Strange things were happening everywhere!

While walking down 9th st, a random middle aged Asian man on a bike stops on the sidewalk, smiles at me, and holds out his hand for me to shake.  He seems friendly, so I do.  THEN, he envelops me in a hug!  In my right ear I hear him going "Mmmm"  - you would think it was creepy (ok it kinda was) but more just friendly,...I hope.  Really I thought he was going to grab something out of my backpack.  We let go, I felt for my phone and my iPod and was on my way. 

I was headed to a new dog who I agreed to walk last minute without meeting him or the clients.  I was told that he was an older dog, but very sweet.  This was all true.  I get into the apartment, and I don't see him.  He blended right in with the couch (with no lights on).  I start calling his name and he doesn't move, just snoring away...   I don't want to wake him because I may scare him, and he doesn't know me, and that's just not a good first impression.  My screaming his name didn't get him to stir, but filling up his water bowl got him to wake immediately! Go figure!

Oh, I would like to put a thought out there to those of you with black front doors.  When the sun beats on your house, your door becomes VERY hot, and actually radiates heat.  If it is wood with no storm door, it actually will expand during the day making it near impossible to leave the house!  I had to push with all my might and reset the alarm because I couldn't get the door open! Enough to cause an anxiety attack!

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