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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another hot day in March!  Crazy!  One of my lunchtime dogs was hiding from me and I had to search him out!  I walked in the house and called for him.  At this point, I usually hear his feet pounding away down the steps.  I'm calling and calling... and calling... shaking the leash.... nothing.  This house was converted from 2 houses to 1 house, so there are 2 sets of steps.  I go up the one side and find the illusive cat that I never see and a very lovely breeze coming through the french doors.

The dog is nowhere to be found!  So I go up the steps on the other side. Second floor, no one, 3rd floor, this is what I find.

Just lounging around wanting a belly rub, completely ignoring me.  Of course with that face and request, I couldn't resist.

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