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Monday, March 26, 2012

Strange things have been happening lately while I am outside.  Today I was headed into a building and the same crazy Asian man who hugged me last week spotted me in front of Starbucks, stopped his bike, gave me a HUGE grin and held his arms out!  I kind of smiled and went inside, pretending like I didn't know who he was....   I hear that he hangs out in Starbucks and preaches to the patrons.

A few days ago while getting a turkey bacon, egg, and cheese at the truck at 9th and Walnut, a bearded man (homeless? mentally insane?) comes up behind me and another guy in scrubs and starts belting out a song as if he is on a Broadway stage.  Arms out to either side so we couldn't go anywhere until he was finished.  In his defense, he didn't sound half bad.  He finished his ballad, promptly walked away to his "pile-o-stuff" and milk crate and acted as though it never happened.  I felt like I was in a Mel Brooks movie!

I am watching 2 new cats in a condo building nearby, and they are doing construction in the EXACT and ONLY pathway to these cats.  They stop doing demolition every morning when I walk through, and today I cut my foot on debris laying all over the floor.  Pain for me AND pain for them.  Doesn't help that they barely speak English.  The cats are super cute though, exploring my bag, eating well, hiding under furniture... :)

Also, my old friend Arlo has been having some trouble eating lately and has been picky about his water intake, so I have adhered to his needs.  Apparently 3rd floor shower water tastes the best!


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