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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spent my last night with Neuman.  Oh those eyes.... this morning he made a small white poodle friend and didn't want to leave him!  He is being treated like a king, I bought him an organic chicken and stars baby food from whole foods yesterday, he wouldn't eat it.  Only Gerber.  Sigh... 

His place is gorgeous!  Loft space is picturesque and elegant.  The older wood is paper thin though.  I could hear EVERYTHING going on above me.  The last 2 days I woke up to an alarm in the condo upstairs!  And it was Coldplay (ugh)  I could hear coughing, burping, walking.... and this was all over the sound of the TV!  Of course I found it humorous, however I had to be careful about my phone conversations that I had while in the place.  If I can hear them.... they surely can hear me.

I will miss waking up to this face      

Oh, and while walking yesterday, I am seeing signs all over the city that people should invest in, instead of yelling at those of us with 4 legged friends.

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