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Sunday, March 11, 2012

First of all, I had TERRIBLE dreams, then woke up unsure of what time it was, but knew that I had to get out and give insulin to a cat.  I literally rolled out of bed, threw clothes, a hat, and a scarf on and ran out the door.  It was 7:30 am ish, I think?  Before or after daylight savings... I don't know.  No makeup was applied, no teeth were brushed, I was on a mission and figured I could do my errand and come back and shower.

 I get around the corner from my house and head down a side street and see a woman and a dog.  In a sleepy haze, I think nothing of it.  They get closer and the dog is staring at me with these eyes, and i think "What a cute lab, looks familiar" and then I hear someone say "Deb?"  I look up and it's a client!  I get Leo hugs and kisses and of course feel embarrassed for not recognizing anything this early.  Strike 1 for me.

Then I start heading towards my destination to my diabetic cat and as soon as I get to her door I see ANOTHER client who I haven't seen in ages!  The dog recognized me first and then I waived, got hugs and kisses again, and we got to catch up a bit.  Why is it that you always run into people when you have morning breath and look like crap??  I get to the cat, pick up the stray poo in the house, feed, poke with a needle, etc... and head home (thankfully running into no one) Time to get myself together and look like a human being! :)

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