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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Why don't people listen??  I am a considerate person who likes to put out a warning, yet people are idiots!  I will explain.  On Friday I went to walk Cali, a very quirky big dog.  She and I are best buddies, I get kisses galore.  She does not like everyone, or every situation.
Actually, her list of dislikes include:
Homeless people
Some black people
Men with long hair (especially those who smell of cigarettes)
Other Dogs
Shady People on the street

When I arrived at her house, there was a man fixing the lock on the courtyard gate.  I told him that I would be bringing a dog through and would probably need him  to move.  He just nodded and ignored me.  I went in to get the pup and we head through the courtyard to the gate.  I get about 10-15 ft away and yelled to him that I have her and asked if he would  mind walking out of the gate until we pass.  The conversation went something like this:

Me:  Hello!  I have the dog, would you mind walking out of the gate so that we can pass?  She isn't so great with strangers?

Fix It Guy:  Oh she's fine!

Me: No, really, she isn't good with new people.  I don't trust her.

Fix it Guy: She's fine!  I'm part dog!  Don't worry, look!  She is wagging her tail!

Me:  Yes, I see that, but really... I don't fully trust her.  She doesn't know you and can be weird with men.

Fix It Guy:  Just come through, it'll be fine!  (as he gets on the inside of the gate and rolls himself back into a bush, basically he looks as if he is in a jail cell )

So I say, ok, and start to walk towards him.  Cali proceeds to bark, growl, and lunge at him.  He gets all up in arms saying, "Whoa!  You weren't kidding! You got her?!"

Of course I have her!!!  I told you to move!!! I told you that I didn't trust her!!  Then he starts asking if she is like this is with me.  Of course not!  That's why I am one of her walkers!  UGh!  The stupidity!  Moral of the story is, if someone tells you to move out of the way of their dog - DO IT!

Innocent face :)  Love this girl

Loving her kong

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