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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Philly Marathon: Great concept, Horrible travel.

Everywhere I had to go, there were runners.  I get super choked up and emotional watching a marathon (don't know why) so I try not to stand around being a spectator.  I had to cross South St. to medicate a dog and there were literally thousands of runners, PLUS I had a backpack.  I wasn't planning on crossing paths with this event, and I didn't want to be the jackass with a backpack running through the runners with cops everywhere, so I waited.  And I waited... and then I got impatient and told a cop that I had a backpack, I needed to cross and I was going to find a hole to get through.  He seemed to not give a crap, so I found my opening (much like double dutch) and ran through the runners while simultaneously apologizing for doing so.

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