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Monday, December 16, 2013

The downside of owning your own business.  Utility Companies.  PECO has been trying to come to my house to change out my meter for months.  Well, I don't have 5 hours to spare EVER, so I have been avoiding them.  They call, they leave stuff on my door, they send letters, and I literally couldn't be here to wait for them.  Well, then they decided to royally screw me and send me a letter stating that they will shut off my service on December 20th if I don't have them come in to change the meter.  AWESOME!  Way to treat your customers who pay their bills on time every month for the past decade.  So, I had to give in and set up an appointment.  They said that they would be here today between 7am and 12pm.  I am having to get Terry to cover morning walks, and possibly lunch walks...  I cannot sit here and do nothing!!  I'm losing money, I'm restless, and I need to get out of this house to do my job!  With my schedule, 5 hours at any time just doesn't work.  So I wait.... and wait.....
Hopefully the litterbox smell in the basement will get the Peco guy to hurry up and leave when he gets here.

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