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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Christmas Eve day!!!  Whoa!  Who knew what a crazy day it would be??
Terry and I started rounds at 7:30 am - our Round 1 was 19 visits.  Things were going pretty smooth... until we got to an apartment and I couldn't find the key on my gigantic key ring!  I had the key yesterday, and it just disappeared.  The only one out of 30+ keys!  Luckily the client lives over a corner store and they are his landlords, so I run in there to see if they have a spare.  They don't, but they said they would get in touch with the landlord.  I gave them my card and told them to call me.  We re-traced out steps and then went back to my house to double check that it wasn't here.  While at home sitting amongst a pile of keys (feverishly looking for this one specific set), my phone rings with a new client asking me to start tomorrow to watch a cat.  He told he that I am already watching a cat in his building.  (Convenient!) I ask what his address and he says 423, but in my crazed brain I hear 403 which is the building that I need to get into.  What a coincidence!  So I ask him if he can get a hold of the landlord, he does and calls me back.  Says the landlord will call me.  I told him that I would meet him once I got this key fiasco over with.

Phone rings again - another new client.  The girlfriend is in California and the boyfriend was leaving in 2 hours to go to Virginia.  Their dog sitter was M.I.A.  I said that I would go to meet him after the key fiasco, and then the other new client meeting.  I hang up with him, and the corner store calls!  They tell me that they have keys for me. YAY!  We rush over there, and they cut keys in the back of the store for me! Who knew?? $4, worth every penny.  We go upstairs to feed the cats while breathing many sighs of relief and feed those kids.

This was the enthused look I got after running upstairs!

So at this point, I am still thinking that the new client is in this same building.  I call him and he says he will come to the door.  I don't see or hear him.  It then dawns on me that I am over tired and stressed and he is in a completely different building.  F*&^(&!!!    So we head on over there, meet him and his cat, etc.  All goes well.  We then rush to meet the new dogs so that this guy can make his train to Virginia.  Sweet, amazing dogs - love them!  I have last minute clients, but never 2 last minute clients on the same day that they are leaving on a major holiday, plus a key loss!  In the 12 years that I have been pet sitting, this is the 3rd time I have lost a key.  Still have no idea how or where the others went.  I'd say that is pretty decent.

After 19 visits, I came home to lay down, entered a deep sleep for 2 hours and then had to wake up to begin round 2.  Oh holidays.... I want to rip my hair out :)

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