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Sunday, February 21, 2016

HEADLINE: Woman Owns Dog - Has NO Emotion

Last week I was in Washington Square Park walking a sweet older Golden Retriever.

 This is a dog that seeks out love wherever he is.  Mainly from people, but sometimes from other dogs.  Usually he couldn't care less about other dogs in the park, but last week he would spontaneously get very excited with certain dogs!  We were walking in the park one day and I noticed that there was a girl walking a boxer towards us.  I never know how he will react, so I just played it cool and we kept walking.  They got very close, but the owner didn't say anything to me.  Normal dog etiquette in a park is to say, "Hey, can they say hello? "  or " Is he/she friendly?"  She said nothing and Finn seemed interested (as did the boxer) so I said, "You wanna say hi Finn?"  He then bounded over to the boxer and the woman (who were at that point about 2 feet away from us) jumping and smiling and showing interest.  So I said to her, "I guess he really wanted to say hi!  More so to you it seems ! "  He just wanted head pets from her.  She literally said nothing.  Looked at me, and at her dog, acted like she didn't want to pet him.... and seemed generally annoyed.  What she did not do was walk away from us and the boxer seemed thoroughly confused.  So I was completely weirded out and just talked to Finn saying, "Come on, let's go home...."  

Why would you walk your dog up to another dog and not speak? Or even acknowledge that the other person is speaking to you.  And then seem annoyed, yet not willing to remove yourself from the situation? This girl is probably in her early 30's and obviously taking the dog all over the city. I encounter dogs with owners and walkers ALL DAY LONG. I have never seen this happen.

Today I was walking another dog in a completely different neighborhood and we usually go to the church cemetery to "do our business."  We get to the gated entrance and I see her and the boxer again!!  She is reading the sandwich board in front of the church and trying to take a picture of it - however the boxer is sitting right in the middle of the entrance that I need to pass through.  The dog that I was walking this time can get a little crazy around other dogs so we try not to interact with new ones if we don't have to.  Here I am standing across the street , watching her take pictures of this church sign and after about 2 minutes I just decided to cross because they obviously weren't moving.  I stopped within a few feet and said, "Excuse me, we need to pass by and get in there, she's not always good with other dogs."  The girls reply was, " You are allowed to bring dogs to church?" And I said, "No... we aren't going TO church, we are walking around in the grass over here." (meanwhile the dog I had was pulling and barking and fussing trying to get at this boxer) She just looked at me blankly.  I asked of she could just move the dog out of the way so that we could squeeze by.  As she barely pulled on the leash calling his name, her reply was, "Oh, it's ok.  He won't move. He just won't move, sorry."      WHAT?????  You walked your dog ON A LEASH about a 1/2 mile from where I saw you the last time, but he "won't move."  So I had to drag an overly anxious dog right by him while he say stoic as can be.

Twice in one week this woman has driven me insane and I fear that I will keep running into her and be forced to say something.... unpleasant.   Here is a helpful hint.  When you own a dog and you don't want to interact with other people or dogs, stay away from heavily populated areas on nice days!!!!

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