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Monday, February 1, 2016

Mystery fan club

Almost every day for the last year we have walked Bailey down a certain street by his house and when we passed by this one house, we heard scrambling dog sounds, and then squeaks.  This sweet brindle dog would see another dog coming down the street and run to get her squeaky toy.  She was prepared at her storm door for when we passed. She would smile and squeak her toy incessantly to try to get Baileys attention.  It was so endearing, however he would just walk away and ignore her completely!  

Today we were walking Bailey with another dog and we see him smiling at this pit mix a block away who is smiling back and wagging her tail like crazy.  As we were talking to the owner and he said what street he lived on, I asked if it was this dog that always brought the squeaky toy to the door.  It was!  So funny!  In person and outside they were quite fond of each other ;)  

Who knew that is semi- secret admirer would finally win him over?!

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