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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Half of the cat owners out there will say, "My cat is JUST like a dog!"  or  "He so thinks he's a dog!"   I have been guilty of saying that some of my cats are dog like, but these 2 cats that I watch are literally exhibiting K9 behavior.

The first time I met this client, she told me that she had clicker trained the cats to perform tricks.  I had to see this.  She clicker trained them (which is normally a dog thing) to come, sit, stand, and hit a particular point. She explained that she was really a dog person that ended up with cats.

One of the cats has a heart murmur and is on medication.  When he first started, he took his pill in a ball of crumbled goat cheese.  Makes sense, right? A cat, cheese...  an enjoyable treat.  After a while, she left me a note saying that he takes his pills in peanut butter.  This is notoriously a dog thing.  You put anything in peanut butter and a dog will eat it.  I have never seen a cat go nuts for peanut butter like this!!!  He adores it, runs to the fridge when I go to take the jar out, and paws at me until he gets his pill.

As if this wasn't enough, this past stint of sitting, these cats learned how to open the upper cabinet in the kitchen.
They took out 2 peanut granola bars, ate 1 whole bar and half of another.  They seem to have promptly vomited up the bar as well, but they tried this on a daily basis.  I had to put the granola bars in the fridge and hope that they didn't figure out how to open that door!

Moral of the story:  If your cat loves peanut butter and tries to steal granola bars, you are worthy of saying that your cat is just like a dog.

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