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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


There is a dog that I walk on occasion, mainly as a fill in when her normal walker can't come.  She is a pittie who is as sweet as can be to some people, but hates others.  She is perfect with me and her main walker, but with new folks she can be wary.

She has a long list of "dislikes" including:
Most other dogs
Men with long hair
Men with long hair that smell like cigarettes
The homeless
Most black people (yes, dogs can be racist too)
The elderly, especially if they have a cane or a walker and they are headed to physical therapy
Bikes/skateboards/shopping carts (basically anything loud and on wheels)
She does love the ladies though!  She has met female clients of mine on the street and she does her body wag and leans and kisses.  She is wonderful, just a little quirky :) Recently she had a foot injury and her left front foot has to be wrapped up.  This is the first time I have seen her since this happened, and I came into the house to see this.
A giant e-collar, a wrapped foot, and a sad pout.  Because of all the snow and ice, her foot needs to be EXTRA wrapped for walks.  It must remain dry at all times.  Picture this.  I'm sitting on the floor trying to put a rubber glove, a dog shoe, and a plastic IV bag on her foot, all while reaching around the e-collar with her licking my face the whole time.  It took longer than expected. :)

We went out for a walk and she just wanted to eat snow!  Silly

While we were out, we encountered 2 of her pet peeves at the exact same time!  The mailman and a dog that ran out of his house.  They were on either side of us and she went a little nutty!  Of course in the midst of slush, the foot, etc... Ugh...

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