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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rain, Sleet, Snow, and Antibiotics

This day did not turn out as expected!  First of all, the weather was a surprise.  We were out in rain, sleet, and snow!  When we finished round 1, the sun came out.  All we could do was shake our heads...

We went to the house of cats and birds which is always an adventure.  The lovebird perches by the door - one of the cats tries to get it through the glass by hanging midway up the door - the bird mockingly chirps knowing she is safe.  Good times for all.

In the midst of this happening, out attention turns to the very old and skinny cat walking around.  She is crated because she is frail and must eat a different food than her brothers.  Terry noticed that when she walked, her one right front foot was splayed a bit.  I picked her up to take a look at it.  Her pads were caked with litter, so I peeled away at it only to find that her main pad had almost disintegrated and there was a major infection in 2 places.  The same was going on with her other front paw.  I soaked them in warm water and antibacterial soap and dried them thoroughly.  I applied neosporin topically, but then called the owner to let her know what was going on.  This cat needed antibiotics immediately and the owner ok'd me giving her an injection.  I called the vet who gave the ok for me to pick up an antibiotic injection for this old lady :(  With her age and lack of body mass, this infection could have potentially killed her.  We left the apartment, walked 2 dogs, picked up the shot, went back to the apartment, and I gave the shot and we are now hoping for the best.  Poor little kitty face ;(

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