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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Frozen Tundra

This winter has proved to be challenging to say the least.  First thing this morning I had a new client meeting.  I walk out of my house and it is literally a sheet of ice.  I slid down the sidewalk (slowly) and tried to make my way over to this new house.  It is only a few blocks away, however I nearly fell a good handful of times and it took me twice as long.  The concrete sidewalks were slippery enough, but the brick was not even manageable. What was in front of their house? Brick.  I had to grab on to their iron door and pull myself up to be able to ring the doorbell.

My next stop was a house in a courtyard.  What is in front of the courtyard ? Brick! Awesome.  It was there that I ran into a man in his late 60's/early 70's who was attempting to get the trashcans back into the courtyard.  The 2 of us were trying to gracefully skate our way to safety.  He told me, "Grab on to the trashcan!  I'll pull ya!"   I did indeed grab on and then started sliding towards the street.  Neither of us could get back to the gate.  When I finally made it into that house, I had to call Mike to come and rescue me.  There was no way that I would make it on foot.  Even with him driving, I had to tackle more brick, outside steps, and slipping all over the place.  I am completely fine with the winter, I love the cold.  The ice though... that damn ice....

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