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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oh Sundays.  How come emergencies only happen on Sundays??  I was watching 2 new dogs (first time clients) and they were wonderful!  I had already had them for about 2 days and they were happy, eating well, playful, kissing me like crazy.... and then the diarrhea started.  I called the owners, figured it was just stress of them being away, and said that I would fast them.  I stopped by the vet to pick up some cans of bland food, hoping that would do the trick.

Sunday morning Terry and I are greeted with wags and smiles... and a small pile of diarrhea in the dining room.  Oy.  So I let the dogs out back to pee, give them each a half a can of their bland diet,  and I come outside to find this:

I immediately think HGE (hemorrhagic gastroenteritis) So first we figure out which one is the culprit.  We see the most bloody poo (I know it's disgusting, but this is also a learning experience for me readers) coming from Ninja.  Then they both start vomiting all over.  Sigh... 

I called the owners to discuss what is going on, what I think the problem is, and what we should do.  We all agreed that going to Vet Specialty And Emergency was the best bed on a Sunday morning since they are open 24 hours.  Terry and I grab blankets for the back of her car, load up the kids, and take them down to front and Washington.  Ninja decided to sprawl on the back seat which left Buddha standing up and leaning against the seat to keep his balance. Brothers!

 So we arrive at the vet, give our history and info, etc.  The boys are full of adrenaline at this point because of the car ride and the excitement of meeting all of these new people that they can kiss.  The tech takes them back to check their vitals and we are then waiting in the exam room for a while...  Talk about restless!  Two big dogs and two tired sitters in a small room trying to be calm and wait patiently for the doctor.

Me getting the happy Buddha face

Me getting the sad Buddha face and giving him a sad face back

Ninja and his tongue

The doctor comes in, says their vitals and temperatures are just fine.  Physically they look ok, but confirms that she too thinks Ninja has HGE and that Buddha (although less bloody) definitely needs some treatment.  They gave anti nausea injections, subcutaneous fluids, and sent them home with anti diarrhea pills plus a stomach coating pill for Ninja.  Three hours later, we left the emergency room.

We fasted them again, started the meds, took up all water and food and endured the sad faces.  Up until the owners came home, there was still vomit, still loose poo, and still lethargy.  Buddha was bouncing back quicker than Ninja, but neither of them could hold anything down until the next day.  Poor babies still wanted love and attention.  They were great sports (as were their parents!)  They are still on the mend, as I am in touch with their mom like a worried aunt!  I love these guys!  Please send them well wishes and healing thoughts to their tummies, they sure need it!

My last visit, Buddha telling me he feels a bit better :)

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