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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Trying to get the word out about this cat.  He showed up on my clients front step about 2 months ago. He was a sweetie pie and jumped right in her lap.  He hadn't returned until last week.  He was dirty and skinny, so she took him in.  Obviously he was a house cat that someone decided they didn't want anymore.  He now needs a home.  She has named him Grayson and he is a super laid back cat.  He had his vaccines this week, he is felv/fiv negative, and he will be neutered on Saturday.  He loves human company and head pets, but is a bit wary of too much handling.  (He must have a had a rough time on the street and in his previous home)  He will immediately sit on your lap and purr, this is just what he wants.  He is a great eater, about  a year old, and just needs some TLC.  The new owner must be patient with him, as he does not like to be picked up.  He doesn't hiss or growl or scratch, he just whips his head around quickly to make sure you let go.  I"m sure once he is in a stable home he will learn to trust again.  For now, he is treating his foster home like a spa.  He lounges on a chaise, gets good meals, and enjoys plenty of head scratches.  Can anyone give him a home??

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