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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This is about 2 weeks late, but I didn't want to write until I had all of the information.

Terry and I were in Washington Square Park one morning walking Bean

We were passing by a tree when Terry said, "Hey! Look at that squirrel."  I slowly went over to it and saw that it was bleeding. Figures.  I hand over Bean to Terry and go investigate the squirrel.  She seemed in shock and was pretty docile, so I figured I'd get a box for her and put her in my yard to see if she improved throughout the day.  First I gave her a peanut butter cracker (because that is what I do with docile squirrels).

 This is her holding the peanut butter cracker, seeming relieved.  And my , "Look how cute she is" face.
The next feat was to find a box.  I thought I'd check Hopkinson House since I know the front desk guys well.  The first one at the door looks at me and yells, "That's a damn squirrel in your hand!!!"  They didn't have a box, but suggested the convenient store to the left.  Terry popped her head in to ask for a box, and they gave us a pop tart box (which by the way is a flimsy piece of crap).  I put her in there, then went to look for a better box.  We stopped by the pharmacy across the street and I talked them into a sturdier cardboard box.  We took the little injured kid back to my house and checked in on her hourly. Since she seemed to be improving, we decided to take her out to Schuylkill Valley Wildlife Rehab.  

After our 13 visits, the 2 of us armed with google maps directions (yet little sense of direction) piled in the car with a bleeding squirrel and headed out to the woods.  We miraculously found our way (with a little help from a mail woman) and pulled up to the Rehab Center.  The first thing we see is a goat!!! I loved the place immediately.  They have chickens, ducks, roosters, and a goat who hangs out in the parking lot eating greenery.  We took the squirrel in to get admitted, made a small donation, and headed out.  There was then goat bonding time.  I pulled out another peanut butter cracker for him, which he devoured, and then my "to do" list for the day dropped in the ground.  He went right for it and started eating it.  I tried to get it out of his mouth, but he put his head down and gave me the horns.  Sigh... What a cutie though!

My list in his mouth
I called to check on the squirrel 24 hrs later.  They said that she was still hanging in, but still bleeding a bit.  I then called a week later and they told me that she is doing great!  It was a superficial would (not internal bleeding like we thought) and she is in their outdoor cage hanging out getting ready to be released!  What a happy ending to this crazy day we had!!

Yup... that's my list


  1. this story makes my day

  2. I brought a bunch of baby birds up there. Isn't it great?

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