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Sunday, April 3, 2016

We miss you Jacob!

Last week we lost a furry part of our family. Little Jacob (Jacup) had a blood clot that came out of nowhere that left him paralyzed from the waist down and put him into immediate congestive heart failure. I found him in the morning and we rushed him to the emergency room at 7am. Unfortunately when something like this happens, there isn't really anything that can be done, so we had to make the choice to say goodbye to our little friend. He was so young and it is just not fair.  When we adopted him from the shelter, you could tell that he was badly bred.  He had some deformities and overall just seemed bewildered at life.  I fell in love with him immediately.

We took him home and soon realized that he didn't know how to be a cat.  He learned from the cats around him, and every day he became more of a cat.  I knew that because of his weird medical issues (intermittent daily vomiting, odd hair growth, corneal scar, crooked spine, insatiable hunger ) and physical abnormalities that he may not live as long as we wanted, but I certainly thought it would be longer than this.

Nothing bothered him.  Nothing made him angry. He never hissed or growled.  He was literally the happiest and sweetest cat that I have ever known.  Every animal and person that came into our house was his friend.  He LOVED people food.  He LOVED chasing balls with bells in them.  And he LOVED sneaking up on you to lick your cheek.  He showed his affection in such an odd and amazing way.  He made us laugh every day and brought us such joy.  We were lucky to have had him for the short time that we did, I wouldn't trade it for anything.   The energy in the house is different and we all miss him terribly.  I can only hope that he has little cat angel wings and is looking over us all.

We dressed him as a bumble bee and took him out for Halloween

Confused when he was first at our house

Easter Hat

Sleeping with his best friend Max

Hanging out with the guinea pigs

He always made a bed out of my outerwear

Tolerating Max humps

Taking it out on the blanket by humping the fleece

Best buddies

Chin lick or chin bite?

He loved to sleep in any bag. Any time.

Bumble Bee

Persian brigade

Farmer Jacob

Christmas Jacob

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