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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Diamonds Too Will Pass

                         A few weeks ago, this face allegedly ate 2 diamond wedding bands.

With every poop, we are picking it up in clear plastic and smushing it to see if diamonds appear.  Thus far, nothing has come out.  The owner tore her house apart  - so either this kiddo is living with precious gems in his intestines OR they are lost forever.  Until then, we will continue to have a close relationship with the poo.

Also, while I was walking Darius I passed by a guy that looked like a human version of him! Short, stocky, dark skinned, round head.... and as we passed him he goes,  "Hey, is that Darius?!" And I said, "Yes, are you two friends?"  And he replied, "Nah, I met him last week when I was walking with my kid.  Really funny because my name is Da-rye-us.  (I imagine it's spelled the same way and just pronounced differently)  How weird is that ?  Man looks like dog and has the same name?  Sometimes the universe just makes me smile.

Update : The rings have been recovered (not ingested by the dog)

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