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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Full Moon Antics

So 2 days ago there was a full moon.  Yesterday was sheer madness and that is now explained as I found out about this full moon (or Strawberry Moon this month)

My day started out like any other.  I left my house around 7:30 a.m. and started on my visits.  I had to go all the way to Broad and Pine and then make it back to 4th and Queen by 9:30  (after 6 visits in between).  I had time to stop for oatmeal at Whole Foods on the way back (yay!) and as I was walking while enjoying my oatmeal and berries, a bird shat on my head.  I was all the way at 10th and Bainbridge. Sigh... Luckily my oatmeal was unharmed, but I then had to go home first to wipe off the bird poo.  In turn, I ran late to my 9:30 dog.  Then I bought a lottery ticket because bird poop on your head is supposed to be good luck.  I lost.

For an entire hour, every man that I saw looked like the lovechild of Frank Zappa and Jesus.

Terry and I were stopped in the park by a woman and her chihuahua.  She apologized for being bitchy about 2 weeks back. Random!  There was an incident where WE were huffy, but it was not at her.  It was at the dog off leash behind her that was coming for the dogs that we were walking.  She thought it was directed at her and she yelled, "What the fuck?? I have MY dog under fucking control, you don't have to worry!"  Well, she did - and we weren't.  Finally the miscommunication was cleared up.... unexpectedly.  She said that she just broke up with her boyfriend the day before and was in a bad mood - she's not usually like that.

I got into an argument with a local business owner in Bella Vista who lets his dogs just run all down 8th st willy nilly.  We avoid him daily.  Yesterday we literally saw the dogs out and went around the corner the long way to the park and the dogs came right down the ally 5 minutes later!  Unattended!  So I hand Terry the dogs and go after the guy.  I found him on the next side street and said," Your dogs are on Catherine!"  His reply?  "Something spilled on my computer!!  Who are you?  I don;t know you!  I've been here 50 years!"   Finally I took this opportunity to try to talk some sense into him about leashing his dogs.  I get the whole defensive story. "My dogs are fine!  They never bit anyone! I've never had an issue!  I have a hold on them! I'm in control! "  Like trying to reason with a 5 year old boy, I tried to explain that I never accused his dogs of being mean.  I was trying to tell him that I  am concerned for HIS dogs because the dogs that WE walk can't always be trusted.  I don't want a dog that I have out to bite his dogs because they came running up off leash.  He just didn't get it.  He insisted it was just the spill and that he had control of his dogs.  Literally 10 minutes later I see the younger one running across the street chasing a bird.  A worker across the street yells over to him to get the dog - said she could get hit by a car.  He complies.  I ask him why he can say something and get a fair response, but when I say the same thing I'm a bitch?  His reply was, "Well, he cuts my hair."  I give up!

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