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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Big BIG box

Sometimes while an owner is away - you get last minute, urgent requests.  Today I got a call from a client who is away for the week.  He told me that Fedex just sent him a message stating that they left a large box on his step.  He asked if I could run over and bring it inside.  This is no problem at all!  I bring packages in all the time and I wasn't far.   I arrived on his street to see this :

That's a huge box!  I get closer and see that Fedex screwed anyone getting in or out of the house
They left it there completely preventing the door from opening.  I had to maneuver it enough to open the screen door to open the main door and then slide it in because it was HEAVY (and about as tall as I am) 
Finally got it inside and had to lay it down in his living room while the cat gazed upon me with such confusion.

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  1. How rude. Ups guy would NEVER do something like that.